Sunday, March 22, 2009

Good News for March 22 (posted by Mary Beth)

Was Jesus a Universalist?

"In this discussion, I’d like to dispute the common notion that Jesus was a universalist. Once again, I openly admit that many Universalist Unitarians and I have disagreements about the inspiration of the Bible as well as whether the current 66 books of the Bible should be the primary basis for establishing one’s theology. Nevertheless, I endeavor to answer this question by referring to the recorded words of Jesus."

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Devilish and Divine: The man who is the voice of God and the incarnation of Screwtape

"Several times a week, Max McLean does something that most would want to avoid—forever.

He goes to hell. On purpose. And he has a devil of a good time doing it.

McLean, you see, is the eponymous star of The Screwtape Letters, a stage adaptation of C. S. Lewis's classic that has played to sold-out audiences over the last year and wowed critics in New York, Washington, D.C., and, most recently, Chicago."

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Michael Jordan Cries Over Basketball Victory

"Michael Jordan celebrated another Chicago basketball championship - his son's.

Marcus Jordan, son of the Bulls' six-time champion, scored a game-high 19 points to lead Chicago Whitney Young to a 69-66 victory over Waukegan in the Illinois Class 4A championship Saturday."

For more on Michael Jordan's parental pride, click here.

Looking beyond grades and scores: Students' stories move admissions panels

"The admissions team at Tufts University embraced the Yahtzee enthusiast and budding engineer who built a wooden catapult in his backyard and the straight-A teenager who described herself as a 'wise old owl' whom her friends turn to for advice.

Amherst College eagerly admitted the son of a New York City cab driver, a Bangladeshi immigrant who had flunked gym class but founded a newspaper dedicated to economics. The school's admissions committee also delighted at the math wiz from Queens who loses sleep when he's stumped by a problem and lives for bowling nights in his mother's league."

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Employers get creative to reduce staff stress

"Taking the helm of troubled Lowell Co-operative Bank after a shake-up, Rich Bolton turned his recent first meeting with employees into a rollicking game show, handing out cash prizes to give staff a needed lift in difficult economic times.

After rolling out cost-cutting measures to weather falling sales, Woburn travel agency executive Karen Hanssen helped turn an old storage space at work into a comfy, low-budget 'oasis room' for relaxed meetings - and a bit of minigolf."

For more on how employers are coping with stressed out employees, click here.

George Rodrigue Blue Dog Painting Fetches $170,500

"Now that's a lot of kibble.

The folks at Rodrigue Studio report an unexpectedly high price paid at auction for a George Rodrigue blue dog painting."

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Killing bugs for Christ: Missionaries work odd jobs

"Randall Adams’ exhibit looked similar to many others at last summer’s Global Missions Conference. A laminated map pointed to where he and his family hope to live — northern Italy. A hand-drawn thermometer showed how much of their financial goal they had raised — a humble 20 percent.

But next to a Bible opened to Romans was an industrial sprayer. And Adams’ shirt didn’t bear a ministry logo or a cross. It said 'Rid-a-Pest, servizio disinfestazione.' That’s Italian for 'extermination service.'”

More on missionaries and their goals awaits you here.

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