Thursday, March 12, 2009

Good News for March 12 (posted by Mary Beth)

Coal in the Easter Basket: Giving up Carbon for Lent

"Western Christians, both Protestants and Catholics, are currently observing Lent, the 40-day season preceding Easter. Through self-denial, alms-giving, and prayer, many Christians prepare themselves to properly commemorate our Lord’s passion and resurrection."

Click here to read the rest of Chuck Colson's commentary.

Tax Refund: Help the World’s Children

"$288. That’s how much it costs to sponsor one child for a year through Christian Children’s Fund. Through CCF’s programs that one child can grow up to become a leader in his or her community to bring lasting and positive change.

$2,200. That’s how much average tax refunds are in the United States. Americans’ tax
refunds can make the world a better place for millions of children around the world."

For more on how you can help make a difference in a child's life, click here.

The Radical Conservative: Richard John Neuhaus helped inspire a generation of evangelicals to participate boldly in the public square

"If ideas have consequences, Richard John Neuhaus (1936-2009) will be remembered as the most serious Christian thinker and the most consequential public theologian in America since Reinhold Niebuhr."

More on this amazing Christian leader awaits you here.

Sears Tower to Get New Name

"Come this summer, Chicago's iconic landmark known around the world is getting a new moniker: Willis Tower.

Willis Group Holdings, a London-based insurance broker, announced Thursday that it will consolidate its area offices to Sears Tower and as part of the deal, gets to put its own name on the 36-year-old skyscraper."

Click here for more on the name change.

When prom ends, donated dresses live on

"Financially struggling students across the state will be able to attend their proms cheaply and in style, thanks to the efforts of people like Rachel Davidson and Sammie Levin. The Newton South sophomores are collecting new and gently worn prom dresses and shoes to donate to Becca’s Closet, which provides formal attire to high school students with financial need."

This heartwarming story awaits you here.

God's Purposes in a Recession

"I often find comfort and encouragement from my favorite author (outside of those who wrote the Bible of course), John Piper. His most recent blog entitled What Is the Recession For? is exceptional. In this blog, he lists five purposes the God has in a recession for individuals and ultimately for the nation."

Click here for more thoughts on the subject.

Folsom mom goes to battle in Rachael Ray recipe contest

"Marsha Warner, of Folsom, CA is competing in the Rachael Ray March Menu Mania contest at USA Today's Web site. She was selected from 1,200 entries to be one of 16 finalists."

For the rest of the story (including the recipe!), click here.

New Orleans spear fisher thrust into spotlight over shark fight

"Local spear fisherman Craig B. Clasen, 32, was thrust into an international spotlight this week after pictures of his two-hour, deep sea fight with a 12-foot tiger shark last June appeared in an adventure-travel magazine.

Clasen, who lives in New Orleans, said the dramatic pictures were taken as he dove with a snorkel and spear gun near an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, just south of the mouth of the Mississippi River."

Click here to read his exciting story.

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