Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday, February 15, 2009 Good News Stories (Margaret)

Top 10 Great Growing Fragrant Roses

"All roses are beautiful, but add the dimension of fragrance and you have exceptional roses. The ten roses listed here were chosen by the 'All America Rose Selections' (AARS) as having 'Fabulous Fragrance'.

The AARS sorts through all the new rose introductions each year and chooses only one to a handful of the top performers to be awarded their Rose(s) of the Year designation. Out of all the winners since the 1960s, these 10 made their list of top ten for fragrance."

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How You Can Love by Faith

"The beautiful ballroom of the Marriott Hotel in Chicago was crowded to capacity with more than 1,300 college students and Campus Crusade staff. They seemed to hang on to every word as I explained one of the most exciting spiritual discoveries that I had ever made - how to love by faith."

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Husband and Wife Team Up to Give Encouragement to Struggling Christians

"LOADED WITH BENEFITS (ISBN 978-0-557-04460-3) by Ollie and Daisy Buckner, is a book designed to encourage believers who may be struggling in the current economy. The authors stress that many Christians are living significantly below their privilege of being a member of the 'Royal Priesthood.' The authors say: "Many Christians live as if Christ came, died and was resurrected, and said, 'I've done My part, I've given you eternal life, you are on your own now, do the best that you can, and, I'll see you in Heaven.'" "

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Americans Fuzzy on Peanut Product Recalls

"More than 2,000 peanut products have been recalled because of the ongoing salmonella outbreak, and most Americans aren't aware of all those recalls, a new poll shows."

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Rapid Response Teams Deploys in Aftermath of Australian Bushfires

"In response to bushfires that are considered the worst natural disaster in Australian history, the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team (RRT) will be deploying a crisis ministry team immediately."

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