Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Good News for Tuesday, February 3 from Mary Beth

Cut-rate campus: Students forgo frills to save thousands

"In this border town where shoppers hunt for tax-free bargains, they can get something else on the cheap: a college education. A private one, at that."

Pursue this story of higher education by clicking here.

Global Warming and the Media: Give Us All the Facts

"You may have noticed that some of President Obama’s most ardent supporters speak of him in almost messianic terms. But there’s one public figure who apparently means it literally: James Hansen of NASA."

Read the rest of Chuck Colson's commentary here.

2009 Brings Revolutionary New Direction for the Gaither Vocal Band

"With mixed emotions and tremendous optimism about the future, Gaither Music Group announced major personnel changes for the Gaither Vocal Band, including the return of some of the group's best-loved alumni."

Click here to learn more about the beloved group's updates.

Mystery of ancient Puebloan jars solved

"For years Patricia Crown puzzled over the cylindrical clay jars found in the ruins at Chaco Canyon, the great complex of multistory masonry dwellings set amid the arid mesas of northwestern New Mexico. They were utterly unlike other pots and pitchers she had seen."

Follow the clues in this mystery by clicking here.

Easy ways to sculpt your arms

"Want to get your arms and upper body in great shape for summer?"

Click here for an exercise plan designed especially for your arms.

Jim Belushi, Bryan Batt and Carlos Mencia to ride in Orpheus

"Actors Jim Belushi, Bryan Batt and Carlos Mencia will ride this year as celebrity guests in the Krewe of Orpheus parade. The superkrewe, founded in 1993 by Harry Connick Jr. and Sonny Borey, is scheduled to parade on Feb. 23 at 6 p.m."

More Mardi Gras 2009 information awaits you here.

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