Monday, February 9, 2009

Good News for February 9 (posted by Mary Beth)

Mercy Ships’ Africa Mercy Sailing to Benin, West Africa

"A nine-day sail on the world’s largest non-governmental hospital ship is different from others. It’s not a regular working ship, where every crew members has traditional sailing duties, nor a vacation cruise, where people just relax and watch the blue waters of the Atlantic slide by."

Access the ship's blog here.

Reborn to Emptiness: What to Make of Lifelike Doll Babies

"Nowadays, calling yourself a 'born again Christian' might elicit disapproving looks and maybe even some snide comments. But there is an area where being 'reborn' is a good thing. I’m not talking about Eastern religions—I’m talking about dolls."

Read more of Chuck Colson's commentary here.

Plant, Krauss win album of year at Grammys; Jennifer Hudson is tearful, triumphant

"The 51st annual Grammy Awards got more drama than they bargained for Sunday in Los Angeles. The nationally televised awards show had to shuffle its schedule at the last minute."

Catch up on all the Grammy news here.

Moving Mass for Maggie

"Sister Marguerite Kelly moved a few things on the top of the bureau and then it wasn't a bureau top anymore. It was an altar."

Read the story of a sacrament taken to the one who needed it here.

Obama makes stimulus pitch in town hall as Senate vote looms

"President Barack Obama made a campaign-style pitch for his massive economic stimulus plan, traveling Monday to a hard-hit industrial city in hopes of winning support for a package that has become the first big test since taking office."

Read more about the President's Indiana appearance here.

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