Friday, February 6, 2009

Good News for February 6 from Mary Beth

An Unlooked-For Solace: Benjamin Franklin and William Cowper

"C.S. Lewis and Jane Austen are among his admirers. Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote a poignant poem after visiting his grave. Outside of literary circles, Cowper's name (pronounced Cooper) is seldom mentioned now."

Author Kevin Belmonte recounts the story of Cowper and Franklin here.

Photography: an interview with Curt Wilkinson

"Today, we have cameras that fit in our pockets, cameras on our laptops and cameras on our phones. All this translates into lots of photographs of just about everything and everyone in our lives. But in this surplus of images, how many are worth keeping or sharing? This extended conversation with Curt Wilkinson takes a look at both why we take pictures and how to make them better."

Listen to the podcast here.

Chicago sends official Olympics bid on its way

"Students from Jesse Owens Community Academy on the South Side waved handcrafted paper stars and provided the backdrop for the symbolic send-off of Chicago's "bid book" submission for the 2016 Olympic Games."

Read more about Windy City's bid here.

Culling the Herd: Misanthropic Environmentalism

"If the planet isn't warming, why is there almost religious fervor about reducing mankind's carbon footprint? The key phrase here is 'almost religious.'"

Click here for the rest of Chuck Colson's sommentary.

Restoring New Orleans, La. coastline are Obama priorities, strategist says

"Restoring New Orleans and the fragile Gulf Coast coastline are priorities of the Obama administration, Kenner-born political strategist Donna Brazile said today, adding that she'll keep pressing President Barack Obama and his staff to ensure they don't forget."

The full story is here.

Boston's Back Bay

"A one-square mile neighborhood that is arguably one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Boston, Back Bay teems with history and affluence. Copley Square is the heart of Back Bay, featuring landmarks such as the Boston Public Library and the John Hancock Tower."

Pay a quick visit through the community snapshot here.

Adam Isaacs' faux garden

"After seeing talent agent Adam Isaacs’ bedroom terrace garden for the first time, you might think that he is blessed with a green thumb. But you would be wrong."

Take a stroll through the photoessay on this lovely, but artificial garden here.

And here's hoping you're having a Good News day!

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