Friday, February 27, 2009

Good News for February 27 (posted by Mary Beth)

The Week in Review - PTA Digest

"This week’s PTA Digest begins with the news of a law enforcement sweep of several cities across our country—a sweep that helped rescue a number of young girls from forced prostitution. We talk about it with Linda Smith of Shared Hope International. Next, in a culture that seems to revel in transience, Justin Taylor calls for the Biblical endurance of the saints. Finally, an enjoyable conversation with two Christians who are jazz musicians. We talk with Deanna Witkowski and John Patitucci about their music making and what is called sacred jazz. I hope you enjoy the PTA Digest. – Greg Wheatley"

Click here to listen to the podcast.

Pure Pork: Change? What Change?

"Back in 2006, when the Democrats took control of the House and the Senate, I praised them on BreakPoint for promising to clean up Congress. And especially for promising to put an end to the corrupt practice of earmarking—that’s when our elected representatives in Congress slip expenditures into the budgeting process without debate."

Read the rest of Chuck Colson's commentary here.

Octopus floods Santa Monica Pier Aquarium

"It's not surprising that with eight arms and inquisitive nature, the two-spotted octopus is pretty handy around its tank at the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium. Still, those reporting for work Thursday at the popular beachfront attraction were caught by surprise when they were greeted by water lapping around the kelp forest display, the shark and ray tank and the rocky reef exhibit."

Dip into the story here.

Orchid Shows Brighten Up Winter's Last Gray Days

"Ka-bloom! It's time for the annual round of flower shows that help us forget about winter and start focusing on spring. Here are some of the best flower festivals to get you in the mood for spring greening."

You'll find the information here.

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