Thursday, February 12, 2009

Good News for February 12 (posted by Mary Beth)

Valentine Greetings from Author DiAnn Mills

"Valentine's Day is spreading love all around the world. From the school playground to Wall Street, candy and hearts with giggles and sighs convince us of the power of love and romance. Flowers and chocolate are featured on the menus along with soft music and candlelight. Just like Christmas, we want Valentines Day to last forever. Sweet thought--even without the candy."

Click here to read more and view "The Stethoscope," a very special video.

Shaping the Modern World: Mendelssohn, Lincoln, and Darwin

"Two hundred years ago, three boys were born a few days apart in Germany, England, and the United States. All of them would become renowned and affect the lives of not only their contemporaries but of generations to come."

Read the rest of Chuck Colson's commentary here.

Save the Children-funded Newborn Study Awarded Lancet Paper of the Year

"An article presenting the dramatic results of a Save the Children-funded newborn study received The Lancet Paper of the Year award on Jan. 24 after 21,556 votes were cast online by readers. Two other papers also received the award from the prestigious medical journal."

More on this noteworthy award here.

Lincoln's new penny

"The U.S. Mint is unveiling a new Lincoln penny today. The makeover leaves alone the front of the coin but changes its back."

There's more on the new penny here.

Parents' gestures linked to better children's vocabulary

"Child development experts have known for decades that children's vocabulary at the time they enter school is a strong predictor of their future educational success. But a new study from University of Chicago psychologists suggests that early parental influence over vocabulary may be, literally, in their hands."

Reach for the story here.

40 years' worth of thanks

"In 1968, a white firefighter saved a black baby girl, touching the heart of a divided city. The two did not meet again. Until yesterday."

Click here to read the story and view the video of their reunion.

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