Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday, January 29, 2009 Good News Posts from Margaret

What's Behind the First 3D Super Bowl Ads (PC Magazine)

"Who or what is InTru3D? That's the message of one of the first two Super Bowl ads to be displayed in 3D, which will feature Intel, DreamWorks, and Sobe.

Two spots will debut on Sunday: a 30-second trailer for the DreamWorks animated movie, Monsters vs. Aliens, and a second spot highlighting Sobe LifeWater energy drinks. A 3D-encoded version of the NBC show 'Chuck' will be shown the day after the Super Bowl."

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It's your due

"In all the hoopla surrounding the current stimulus package, it's easy to forget that other stimulus bill -- the one in 2008 that resulted in a good-sized check for many U.S. taxpayers.

Forgetting about that earlier stimulus, and any of the other major tax changes in 2008, could mean missing out on some much-needed cash when you file your tax return this year."

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Tadpoles could help develop skin cancer drugs

"A compound that blocked the development of the distinctive markings of tadpoles in experiments could help to prevent the deadliest form of skin cancer, British scientists said on Thursday."

It may be able to stop the uncontrolled movement and growth of the pigment cells in tadpoles and humans that cause melanoma, they said."

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Changeable handbag a fashion chameleon

"When it comes to transferring the contents of one handbag to another, you aren't the only one who finds it frustrating."

Michelle Romero, however, decided to do something about it."

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Ministry sees encouraging growth in Myanmar

"Myanmar is facing a food shortage due to the destruction of Cyclone Nargis and a rat infestation that destroyed crops."

Read how Vision Beyond Borders is helping...

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