Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday, January 25, 2009 Good News Posts from Margaret

Children voice their anticipation for new sponsorships

"Today, MNN writer/producer, along with her team from the USA, trekked several hours into the bush to visit the Baale project. She reports: 'The project location is only 48 km west of Kampala, but the roads are unpaved, muddy and filled with car-sized craters.'"

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Coffee Linked to Lower Dementia Risk

"Drinking coffee may do more than just keep you awake. A new study suggests an intriguing potential link to mental health later in life, as well. "

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Kids' need for elbow room spurs work on Greek church

"The youngest members of the Greek Orthodox cathedral are at the heart of its $2.5 million expansion and renovation."

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High-tech sensors help seniors live independently

"After back-to-back hospital visits for congestive heart failure, Eva Olweean figured her health was back to normal. But the nurses at her retirement home knew better: Motion sensors in the 86-year-old's bed detected too many restless nights."

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Moving Day Without All the Waste

"BETWEEN graduating from college and moving in with his fiancée, Jim Mimlitsch moved nine times in 14 years. He hated moving, but accepted it as his fate and developed a habit of hoarding cardboard boxes."

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