Sunday, January 4, 2009

Posts for Sunday, Jan. 4 by Mary Beth

Take a moment to breathe deeply, then jump into the Good News for today!

Obama leaves Chicago, arrives in D.C.

"Like many Americans, Barack Obama spent today getting things organized so he could head back to work after an extended holiday vacation.

But the president-elect's departure from Chicago's Midway Airport for a flight to Andrews Air Force Base brought with it some emotion, as he left behind an empty home and the city most associated with his historic political rise."

Read more about the President-elect's journey here.

10 steps to a better family budget: Chart your family's finances

"2009 marks an ideal time to take hold of your finances and create a family budget that gives you fiscal peace and a clear list of spending and saving goals for the months ahead."

Check out the steps to taking control of your finances.

A Devotion from the Road of Life

"My mother has become something of an escape artist, in spite of our best efforts. She has fallen several times while trying to get out of bed during the night. My sister and I have tried any number of ways to keep her safe."

Click the title to read The Escape Artist, a devotion, one of a series. To read earlier entries in the series, click here.

Young library scofflaws may work off fines – by reading

A creative solution comes from Yolo County, CA librarians. Click here to read about it.

Twilight of the color photo?

"One hundred years ago, one of Paris's richest men had a quixotic dream. Returning from a personal trip to China and Japan, the banker Albert Kahn decided to build a huge visual archive of the planet. Kahn believed that mutual misunderstanding was the source of world conflict, so in 1909, he began funding scores of photographers as they set out across five continents."

Read more about this ambitious project and its impact here.

Here's hoping your day is a good news day!

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