Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's January 14 and a Day for Good News! (from Mary Beth)

Heroes for Life: Countercultural Defenders of Human Dignity

In times when many evangelicals are tempted to retreat from the front lines of the battle for human dignity, we need some modern-day heroes for life—people whose bold and countercultural stand for life can serve as inspiring role models.

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Two Chicago Bulls staffers honored for humanitarian work

On Tuesday in Phoenix, Basketball Hall of Famer Bob Lanier presented the Bulls' Bill Smith and Joe O'Neil with the league's Value of the Game Award, a prestigious honor recognizing outstanding community service.

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Jefferson Parish seeks to adorn more streets with sculpture

With three abstract pieces already installed, Jefferson Parish officials are calling on more sculptors to help turn cluttered thoroughfares into showcases for artwork.

Click here for the story and to see an example of the artwork.

The Body Beautiful -- A Devotion

A caregiver faces many issues. Beyond the physical demands of helping someone to rise from a bed or chair are the emotional demands of assisting in nutrition or personal hygiene.

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This devotion is part of a series. Click here to access the whole series.

Celebrate Valentine's Day with Julianne Moore

Save the Children Artist Ambassador Julianne Moore is celebrating Valentine's Day by giving back. You too can share your love with a new set of cards made to celebrate children.

See these cards with a heart right here.

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