Sunday, January 11, 2009

Good News Stories for January 11 from Mary Beth

Rescuing Forgotten Children, with Jesus' Love

Mission of Mercy is an organization that desires to give children opportunities, not handouts -opportunities to get a good education, to develop social skills, to be healthy and most of all to grow spiritually. By doing this, the organization believes that they will be able to make a better life for themselves, and hopefully, put an end to their family’s cycle of poverty.

Click here to visit Mission of Mercy's webpage.

K-LOVE Radio's Wall of Prayer

The Wall of Prayer is a place to post a prayer or note of encouragement for the brave men and women serving the United States. As you read through the names and comments, please pray for the service member and their families. May God bless each and every one!

Come visit the Wall. Post your own loved ones or join in prayer for others.

New ER Opens in New Orleans

The New Orleans region's emergency medical services and other hospital capacity will expand Monday with the opening of new facilities at Ochsner Baptist Medical Center in Uptown. Read more about it and what it means to New Orleans here.

Inaugural balls making effort to minimize impact on environment

For the inauguration of a president who promised to be a friend of the environment, what would you expect but carbon-neutral inaugural balls, hybrid Lexuses, organic menus and valet bicycle parking?

Political correctness will rule the day.

Learn more about the Green Inaugural Balls and other plans here.

Advice from Motley Fool co-founder

Far from fleeing the stock market, the Motley Fool co-founders are downright gleeful about diving in even deeper. Tom and David Gardner, brothers and business partners of the pioneering online investment company, see the market's slump as a bargain-hunter's bonanza.

Read more about their take on the market here.

Debunking 5 myths about Boston

What do you think you know about Boston that isn't so?

Hollywood Clergy To Remember

Cheech Marin goes reverent in his newest role as a priest in a small Mexican town in the Hallmark Channel original movie Expecting A Miracle. In a nod to his white-robed image, here are a handful of our favorite big- and small-screen clergymen.

Click here to see if your favorites made their list.

USS George H.W. Bush

The Navy's newest aircraft carrier is the namesake of former President George H.W. Bush. View the video here.

On a Mission

Houston's Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church took a trip to South Africa to help those ravaged by poverty and disease. Travel with them by clicking here.

For back pain sufferers, surgery isn't always the answer

An aching back -- a dull twinge or a stabbing pain, lasting days or years -- is a source of annoyance, misery or even disability for millions of sufferers. New research suggests jumping into surgery isn't always the best move. For more information, click here.

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