Saturday, January 3, 2009

Good News From Margaret 01/03/09

Some Forecasters See a Fast Economic Recovery

"Economics as the dismal science? Not in some quarters.

In the midst of the deepest recession in the experience of most Americans, many professional forecasters are optimistically heading into the new year declaring that the worst may soon be over."

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7 Ways to Save in 2009

"Reducing monthly expenses and saving more money is the must-make resolution for 2009."

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Women Warned: Eat Less or Weigh More

"Women who don't try to eat less more than double their risk of substantial weight gain in middle age, a three-year study shows.
If you're a 40-something woman, it doesn't matter whether you're thin or overweight -- odds are, you'll gain weight over time if you don't make an effort to cut back on what you eat."

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