Monday, January 19, 2009

Good News forJanuary 19 from Mary Beth

Truth, Love, and Endurance: Dr. King and Christian Activism

As Americans observe Martin Luther King Day today, I am reminded of the rich Christian tradition of activism in this country. For millions of Christians who have gone before us, activism was considered fruit of the faith. Not only was the civil-rights movement led by evangelical Christians like Dr. King, so too were campaigns for abolition and women’s suffrage heavily influenced by Christians expressing their faith.

Read the rest of Chuck Colson's commentary here.

Calling all Christian Writers!

The next Write-to-Publish Conference will be held June 3-6, 2009, at Wheaton College in the Chicago area. (This is not a function of Wheaton College.)

Plan to join us to connect with editors, improve your writing craft, find new markets, and network with other Christian writers. Getting published can be daunting in today’s tighter market, but the Write-to-Publish Conference can open doors to your new or growing freelance writing career.

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From A to Zebra (A Devotion)

I am enamored of zebras. There’s something about those striped equines that brings a smile to my face. Over the years, friends and family members have given me gifts of zebra-striped items and I have collected others on my own. When I was employed, I even “adopted” a zebra at Brookfield Zoo.

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Try these 1-minute workouts

Fitness is like a drug; each person needs a different dose. But if you're time-pressed you can still benefit from the bare minimum: a one-minute burst of movement.

Confidence is his key

On the concert circuit, pianists who can thrive in last-minute crisis situations are few.

And Adam Neiman is one of them.

Learn more about this special musician here.

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