Thursday, January 8, 2009

Good News for January 8 from Mary Beth

What is a "Good News Now" story? Different people might have different ideas about the answer.

To me, a good news story is one that gives a smile, an affirmation, a direction, a lift or a reminder of God's enduring love. I hope you'll agree that these stories fit the bill.

World Vision targets 50,000 people with emergency assistance

International humanitarian organization World Vision has launched an appeal for US $1 million to provide emergency assistance to 50,000 of the most affected people in Gaza.

Click here to read more on the effort.

Armed and Elderly: Japan's Unique Crime Problem

From electronics to entertainment, Japan is a trend setter. Let's hope its odd new crime wave is not. Click here for Chuck Colson's commentary on the situation and the possible implications for American society.

Outgoing President George W. Bush visits PA School

We've seen President Bush in classrooms before, and we saw him there again today, at the General Philip Kearny School in Philadelphia, celebrating the seventh anniversary of his signing of the No Child Left Behind Act. - on what is expected to be his second to last journey aboard Air Force One as president.

Read about his visit to the classroom here.

The results are in: Zagat comes to New Orleans, unveils latest survey

A case can be made that Tim and Nina Zagat are the most powerful people in the American restaurant business. The couple started the company behind those thin, maroon guides found all over any American city that boasts more than a handful of decent places to eat.

Check out the results of their survey here.

Some Mass. state lawmakers reject automatic raises

State lawmakers are lining up today to reject the 5.5 percent automatic pay raise that Governor Deval Patrick set in motion, saying that with local communities facing drastic budget cuts and families facing job losses, they could not pad their own pockets at taxpayer expense.

Can this be real? Click here to read the facts.

'Golden spike' high-rise urged at Sacramento railyard

Local exec Walter Horsting has long contended that Sacramento needs a giant "golden spike" landmark. Now he's touting a way to build it for free.

Click here to see his innovative plan.

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