Saturday, January 31, 2009

Good News for January 31 posted by Mary Beth

Worshipers find movie theaters just the ticket

"Each Sunday morning, more than 200 people flock to the Regal Lake Zurich theaters, but not to see a movie. They come to pray. Part of a nationwide trend, Northwest Family Church members transform the multiplex's auditoriums into worship spaces."

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Vocational Education: Programs offer gateway to technical careers, college

"Esmeralda Diaz changed high schools three times before she found the right fit at Carl Wunsche Sr. High School last year. Diaz, a senior, wants to be a dentist, and at Wunsche she’s getting the skills and training she needs to pursue her dream."

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Calif. seals named for pundits Colbert, Stewart

"Meet Stelephant Colbert and Jon Sealwart, 14-foot elephant seals who each has his own Facebook page - and electronic tracking device. University of California, Santa Cruz, biologists named the seals at Año Nuevo State Natural Reserve in honor of television's fake political pundits Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart."

Read about these new celebrities here.

Clarksville, CA: A chance to document history

"About two weeks ago, Editor Don Chaddock and I got a rare opportunity to see the remains of the town of Clarksville, just outside of El Dorado Hills, which is scheduled to be cleared and developed in the next couple of years. The property is privately held, and the owner has said that he will turn where the Wells Fargo building was into a museum to honor Clarksville’s history."

Step back into history here.

Bacon Explosion catches fire on Web

"In a combination of shrewd marketing, never-say-diet excess and plain old American creativity, the Bacon Explosion was born and nurtured. Now this carnivore's delight is taking off and it's inventors couldn't be happier."

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