Saturday, January 24, 2009

Good News for January 24 from Mary Beth

Prime Time America Digest - A look back at the last week's news through a Christian lens

"This week’s PTA Digest begins with a look at some of the interesting presidential inaugurations in our nation's history. Probe’s Kerby Anderson is our guest for this brief look back. Next, there is word from the little African nation of Eritrea of the deaths of several imprisoned Christian believers. We’ll get a report from Open Doors International’s Paul Estabrooks. And finally, we’ll hear from Ed Gungor with perspective on how the church should respond to the popular culture. I hope you enjoy our PTA Digest! – Greg Wheatley"

Click here to listen to the podcast.

Mercy Ships Video Earns Spot with Dallas Morning News 2008 Year in Review staff picks

"Mercy Ships was recently picked by the Dallas Morning News 2008 Year in Review Staff Picks as one of their favorite videos of the past year."

Click here to view the video.

Laundry Tips that Won't Clean You Out

"If your closet is a sea of plastic film and 'We [heart] Our Customers' hangers, you might be addicted to dry cleaning. Sure, it's convenient to have every sweat stain, lost button and wine spill taken care of by a pro. But the costs add up fast. To save a buck, you can solve common garment problems at home or on the go by following a few simple steps. We asked local experts for their tips on coming clean."

Click here for their money-saving tips.

A special house, a special solution: Retrofitting means safety, independence for autistic adult son

"From the curb, the small bungalow is just another home on a quiet Skokie street.

But look closer—and walk through it—and the specialness of the house is more apparent. And the story behind the home makes it even more special."

Read this inspiring story here.

Town giving a hero's welcome to Hudson River pilot

"Friends and neighbors of the pilot who safely landed a crippled jetliner in New York's Hudson River planned to give him a hero's homecoming on Saturday."

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'Byzantium art': A fit-all category that belies its elusiveness

"Future political analysts may come to wonder why 21st-century historians continued to perceive distant cultures through artificial constructs defined in the 19th century at the height of the colonial age."

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