Saturday, September 22, 2007

Food News… Good News

I was quite relieved this morning when I read there was a tofu recall. Now some of you rejoiced over the spinach fiasco that cause the dark green leafy vegetable full of nutrients to vanish from the shelf for a month last year, but I did not. Spinach is good food. Tufo will forever remain under a cloud of suspicion with me.

I confess I accidently eat tofu when I fix a certain packaged Fried Rice product packaged and presented to tempt working woman who are too tired to cook. I usually have a conversation with myself. Me, “What is this in the fried rice?” Me answering myself, “tofu, pretend it isn’t there. You are very hungry.”
Food is a great subject for Good News Now and MSN does a good job of keeping us up to date.

And I rediscovered fish this week

Now out of curiosity I wanted see what Miss Martha Stewart has to offer, since presentation is king . At least that is what I heard this week on a TV show that teaches non cooks to cook like a chef by a chef. I don't rember the name... so I did a quick Google searach and didn't find it, but I found 55 other cooking show. WoW. Food must be a hot topic!

55 TV Cooking Shows

Maybe I can learn something new.

The Martha Stewart Update

Yes, she is on top of her game with today’s headline recipe

Fig Pizzas

Three words for Martha...
You go girl.

And now forThe Shot of the Day and I am not making this up. This great Photo is by Gather member Janet "Jax" B.

The Spam Museum in Austin, Minnesota!
1937 SPAM BoulevardAustin, Minnesota 55912
Call: 1-800-LUV-SPAM (1-800-588-7726)
Home of Hormel Foods.

and of course Last but not least our favorite Spam spoof...

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