Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Art News at Good News Now is...

more than a Museum opening. Art with heart.

There are three articles I want to bring to your attention that deal with art. Art is something that I love so as I am reading through the news it gets my attention. I also love blown glass, so when I saw an article on the Toledo Museum of Art and its glass collection I not only wanted to post the story I now want to see the Museum… too bad it is in Toledo. I can say that having grown up in Ohio. It sounds like a good day trip when I get my way back home for a visit. Toledo is known for glass factories so the thought that the city has invested in serious glass art is really exciting.

House of glass

And even more exciting is you are able to watch craftsmen blow the glass in a state-of-the-art "hot shops" and lampworking studio. I always enjoy watching glass being created.

The next story is about artists.

Art passes to good hands

This is from the Orange County Register, the best Good News paper in the US. When I lived in Orange County I loved to read the paper. It is because they make effort to print a lot human interest stories about the people of Orange County. This is one. A retired Navy captain-turned-artist finally begins to sell his art. Then he discovers he has amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or Lou Gehrig's disease. When he could no longer paint his 13 year old daughter begins to paint for him. Read it.

Last and just as interesting a California artist who visited Antartica 10 years ago began to paint from his photos of his trip. He gets picked up by James Monosmith, director of Acme Archives, official licensee of Lucasfilm. The artist Cliff Wassmann is then commissioned to paint Star War scenes that are sold online and at conventions.

May the paint be with you

These photos were submitted by Gather Member Lisa M. of Rochester, NY. What can I say...

It must be in the genes.

or in the water...

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