Thursday, March 1, 2007

We are going interactive soon

The Good News Now portal has been online for eight months. Good news stories are chosen by this criterion: when you finish reading a story it should make you feel better, about yourself, the world and how you view it. It includes stories that inform and enlarge your knowledge of the world. We love art, science and insight into how people relate to each other. We think faith plays a very positive role in people’s lives so we cover faith issues.

We are looking for daily input into our site and invite reader to submit stories and original photos. We are going interactive soon so readers will be able to post stories and comment on the ones we have chosen. We would like to expand our site to include reader written articles on good news stories at the grass root level. We would like to know what impact your church, club or organization is having on your community, nation or the world.

Our site covers news on the following topics:

World Relief & Humanitarian Aid
Faith Issues
Business & Technology
Space & Science
Personal Finance
Human Interest
Connecting with Others
The Arts & Music
Entertainment & Sports
Blog News
Home & Garden
Good News Iraq

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G.P. said...

greetings and good news on the good news :) Found you through out Joe at Working at home on the internet.

Would love to contribute articles and would like to know submission guidelines?

As ever
GP in Montana