Thursday, March 15, 2007

Now that I got that Rant off my chest.........

USA Today did it this month, MySpace announce their intent this week to go with interactive news. That means news with reader comments. Good News Now will be going interactive Monday, March 18, 2007. When you click on a news story link you will go to a new summary page. That page will give you a brief summary of the good news story, why I think it is good news and a link to the full story. It will have a place for you to sign in and leave your comments. At Good News Now we are always nice, well most of the time... we try.

We are also hosting a Good News Now Forum page. It goes online NOW! Our goal is for you to share and comment on good news. We are looking for the local, grass roots stories the press doesn’t cover.

Everyday we search the internet for good news, but we know most good news doesn't get reported. We want to know about your organization, church, school or family. Have you done something news worthy that we should know about? Let us know. We will post the best on our main site.

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