Saturday, February 24, 2007

A Star in my Book

I found and article in the Boston Globe that really hit a nerve. It was an Associated Press Article entitled Rape victim seeks long path to justice. I wanted to discuss why I made it a good news story. I highly recommend you read it in full. It is the story of a woman who was raped at a fraternity house in 1984 and was unable to get anyone to press charges against the young man or as she found out later young men who drugged her and ganged rapped her.

What makes it good news is that it is a story about redemption and justice. The man William Beebe contacted Liz Seccuro the rape survivor 20 plus years later as part of a 12 step program. They corresponded and eventually Liz turned their conversations over to the authorities. William was seeking closure for his guilt and hope of sobriety. Liz was seeking healing and justice. Both have prevailed and William Beebe will serve time and hopefully help bring to justice the other young men involved. Liz has started an organization to help bring awareness to how seldom rape is reported and prosecuted. She also raises money to support group that support rape victims. A family member of mine is a survivor and I understand how the assault affects the lives of those who endure and survive the multifaceted pain of rape. It takes courage to stand up and see to it that those who are guilty pay for their crime. It is equally encouraging to me to see someone admit their guilt, seek to give restitution and ultimately pay what is due. It was an excruciatingly painful story to read, but proof that good can come out of evil.

Liz Seccuro's site is STARS -- Sisters Together Assisting Rape Survivors.

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