Friday, February 16, 2007

Making it Real

Private Groups Spearhead Anti-Trafficking Efforts

Here is a story I found on Human Trafficking and a group who wants something done about it. This one is about sex tourism in the U.S. That isn't the only form Human Trafficking takes. There are children taken captive in Africa and force to be soldiers, children in India and Pakistan who work long hours as laborer with little or no hope for a future. Young women in Romania tricked into thinking they are leaving their homeland for a job and a better future only to be trapped in a lifestyle of prostitution. These innocent lives are stolen because of greed. This is allowed to happen because people and nations look the other way. I am personally relieved that the issue is being addressed. Every human being has the God given right to live in freedom. There are people in places of power who can make changes, they can enact laws and enforce them, but it is the people, the churches, the non-profits that need to begin in earnest to care for the victims.

Support organiztions that do. World Vision

Cambodia: A Child in a Brothel
Kalliyan on Her Life as a Victim of the Illegal Sex Industry — and Her Recovery

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